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Who Pressed Pause?

By Denise McKenzie.

It’s day 5 of working from home, the new normal for many thousands of people. COVID-19 has doubtlessly changed how we live and work, which is unsettling for those like me who don’t like change.

My job is buying and selling houses. My work has already been affected and will continue to be impacted, as will many other businesses. Being of an age where I worked through the last recession, I know that things look disconcerting – but the world didn’t stop then, and the wheel did indeed keep turning. People continued to buy and sell, albeit fewer of them.

During the recession, which lasted a number of years, people sadly died, and families needed to sell the property; families expanded as babies were born and needed bigger houses. Despite these unsure and personally difficult times, we simply cannot stop and press pause. This current crisis will be no different, except for the isolation many of us find ourselves in, unable to visit houses to advise how much it may be worth on the market.

With that in mind, we’ve had to think out of the box. Thankfully, with the power of the internet at our fingers, we are able to offer alternative digital solutions to our clients instead of traditional face-to-face services.

1. We are using apps such as FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom to connect with our clients and offer virtual property appraisals. Clients can show us around their property via a video call, where we can easily give advice, screen share documents and appraisals from the click of a button

2. Our team are still available to share trusted market knowledge. We know our team have sound knowledge of the property market and the trends that shape it, which allows us to maximise the value of your property. They will deal directly with all aspects of your sale, answer all your questions and ensure everything runs smoothly

3. Our legal team are available via phone call, email or video call to guide you through these stages of your property sale and offer legal advice

4. We have teamed up with Matterport to offer 3D property viewings. Matterport capture your property as a three-dimensional space, which allows potential buyers to digitally walk around and view your property

We appreciate buying and selling is not everyone’s priority at the moment. If and when you are ready to buy or sell, we are ready to help and hoping that after COVID-19, we will emerge into a kinder and more thoughtful world.

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