The Benefits of Bungalows

By Wilson Browne

 The traditional Edinburgh bungalow is a star of the Edinburgh property market. The term bungalow derives from the Hindi word ‘bangla’, meaning ‘belonging to Bengal’. Originally used to describe detached cottages built for early European settlers in India, the bungalow is now a popular type of property that remains in high demand. 

The Edinburgh bungalow was developed around 1920-30 onwards, and today, this style of property can be found across Edinburgh, in such areas as Craiglockhart, Blackhall, Craigleith and Corstorphine to name a few. Detached or semi-detached, these properties provide the foundations for a great long-term family home, offering lovely living accommodation and outdoor space. Normally designed or constructed over one floor, many bungalows are developed and extended over the years, with roof space often used to create an additional bedroom. 

More recently, there has been a market trend of the one-story extension to the rear of these properties. An extension like this adds new spaciousness to a bungalow and is often used in open-plan designs for dining or living spaces. The flexibility of bungalows, which are often built on large lots, is of huge value to buyers, allowing them to grow into their property and redesign in a way that suits their needs. 

Bungalows are extremely popular when they come to the market, no matter what the condition. They achieve prices well in excess of the Home Report value when going to a closing date, like our recent property at Strachan Road. For this reason, bungalows are a wise investment decision, with resale value remaining high due to their popularity. 

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