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Seeing Yourself in a New Home: How Virtual Reality Is Changing the Property Sector

Change has become something quite normal at the moment as coronavirus continues to drastically impact our established day to day routines. It’s no different in the property sector. Traditional viewings are, of course, no longer operating in our current lockdown state, making it difficult for buyers and sellers alike to know when they can expect the market to get back to normal.

Nevertheless, thanks to virtual reality and the introduction of new technology, there’s opportunity to carry on safely and remotely with real estate services, such as home appraisals, property viewing and getting advice from your estate agent. At Coulters, we’re offering a number of online options that will help our clients find their dream home or sell as they’ve planned to. In particular, the use of virtual reality has come to the fore to solve the property viewing problem during lockdown – and may well be here to stay.

The Benefits of 3D Property Viewings to Find a House

At Coulters, we’re now able to offer a 3D property viewing service. Using technology provided by Matterport, it’s now possible to capture our properties in a 3D, online rendering, true to detail down to the measurements.

3D property viewings transport you into a property from the comfort of your couch. Like a traditional viewing, you’re free to wander around the property and get a sense of the place. However, virtual property viewings include all sorts of handy tricks that benefit viewers.

For example, Matterport viewings allow users to view the property in dollhouse mode, zooming out so the entirety of the space can be seen. Getting to see a space like this gives a better sense of how a room or property works as a whole, from a bird’s eye or inside viewpoint. Better yet, to replace our innate sense of spatial awareness, the measurement tool lets viewers easily measure spaces or items shown in the property – perfect for understanding what furnishings you can bring from your old house to your new one!

Will Virtual Reality Keep Helping Us Find Houses For Sale?

Virtual reality is proving its worth in the current climate, allowing property viewings to continue despite social distancing measures. For buyers, it’s handy to be able to explore a property in this new way and, for sellers, provides some reassurance that their property is still visible on the market and accessible to interested parties.

Yet, with businesses and consumers beginning to wonder how coronavirus will impact our established precedents, the real estate sector and its clients may begin to accept and anticipate virtual viewings as a new normal.

While virtual viewings may seem like an exciting novelty now, there are sustained benefits for clients that can be gained from continued use of this technology. Whether for clients looking to relocate internationally or living far from their desired locale, or for local buyers who simply want to continue visiting properties remotely as they narrow down their shortlist, virtual reality offers numerous benefits and may soon become an industry standard.

What Next?

To learn more about how Coulters can use virtual reality to make Edinburgh properties accessible at this time, get in touch with our team. Email us at or call us at 0131 603 7333 for information and advice on properties we think you’ll love.

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