Scotland Introduces LBTT Changes

By Denise McKenzie

The Scottish Government has introduced a change to the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) in a bid to increase housing market activity and boost the post-lockdown economy. The threshold at which LBTT becomes payable has been raised from £145,000 to £250,000, encouraging people to buy properties and stimulate the housing market and wider economy.

What does this change mean for buyers? A first-time buyer, for example, looking to secure their first home will not have to pay any land tax if their property is under £250,000, making a saving of up to £2,100. This in turn means they may have more money to use for a deposit, helping them get a foot on the property ladder.

The second home tax or Additional Dwelling Supplement remains unchanged at 4% of the purchase price. However, if you are purchasing a property and already own a home, you will still benefit from 0% LBTT up to £250,000. Furthermore, people buying a property over £250,000 will only pay LBTT on the amount over £250,000.

These changes to LBTT will remain in place until 31st March 2021 – get buying now to save some money!

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