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Perfecting your Impromptu Home Office

With many people now forced to work away from the office, plenty of us are beginning to figure out how to create a work environment at home. Having a space of your own to work in, whether it’s a room or just a desk, will help ease the transition to home-working and set a routine. Here are some of our tips on how to find your space and set up your own home office.

Similarly to how you compartmentalise your home into different spaces already, for cooking, relaxing and sleeping, carve yourself out a new space that is strictly for working only. Depending on your property this could be in a multitude of locations, but make sure you choose a place that you can designate to work for the time being. You’ve already been doing this, probably subconsciously, with the rest of your house and you should treat your new “office space” in the same way as much as possible.

A desk is essential to working from home, being the place where you’ll be stationed through the day. Whether you already have the space for a home office or you’re working from your kitchen table, set up the essentials here: your laptop, charger, pads, pens and anything else you’re used to having to hand at the office. We’ll leave it up to you if you keep this space pristinely clean or don’t mind a bit of mess, but make sure you have everything you need.

Working to the strengths of your property will boost morale while you’re stuck indoors. Where possible, work near a window or bright spot to enjoy any sunshine that reaches you throughout the day and keep your workspace light. If there’s a particularly comfy chair you have at home, now’s the time to enjoy that spot as much as possible – as long as you can avoid the temptation of working from bed, we’re sure you’ll stay productive.

Working from home in a time of social distancing can be particularly disorientating if there are no parameters in place to distinguish between being at work and being at home. Decorating around your desk is a great way of creating a specific workspace that you can come to for work and leave when you’re finished. A vase of flowers, a motivational quote or any framed posters or photos to hang nearby are all personal touches that will make your home office more appealing.

Of course, when we work in the office, we’re used to chatting with our colleagues, grabbing lunch and commuting to work. At home, you may be getting used to your new colleagues: spouses, children or pets, who may demand more of your attention than you’re used to! Taking time for yourself as part of your workday will be essential. Stick the kettle on or enjoy a few minutes of fresh air in the garden to take a breather during the day.

Adjusting to working from home isn’t insurmountable. Making a space of your own personal to you will undoubtedly help keep productivity high – you may even discover that you prefer working in your own space!

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