Make the Most of a Small Garden

Make the Most of a Small Garden

There are times when enjoying the many benefits of city living can mean compromising on the size of your outside space. Fear not, however, as there are ways to maximise the potential of a small garden or terrace to make it more enjoyable for you and more appealing to tenants or buyers in the future.

26 Jan 2018

Clever Planting

Blur the boundaries by positioning shrubs and plants together without gaps. This will make the area look bigger and more established. This will be particularly appealing when it comes time to sell or rent your home, as it offers a ready-made area that buyers or tenants can enjoy immediately.

Cosy Seating

Make space to sit out and enjoy your outside area. Create an area that sells a lifestyle with cosy seating, a small table and maybe even a fire pit or garden heater. You want visitors to your home to be able to imagine enjoying being in the garden all year round, whether it is enjoying a relaxed lunch or a simple drink in the sun.

Stay Tidy

Clutter, mess and unkempt plants will make your garden look smaller, so ensure that you keep on top of the weeding and pruning. You could limit the amount of effort required by using woodchip as a filler, which also looks great in contrast with green plants.

Deck It Out

Decking can really transform an outside space with the minimum amount of effort. It is practical and easy to maintain and provides a great foundation for an outdoor seating area.

These days, decking is also very affordable, and there is plenty of choices available to ensure that you can pick a match to enhance the overall appeal of your home.

Water Features

A water feature does not have to take up much space but can really add to the relaxing feel of your garden. You could turn to feng shui for inspiration, or perhaps you would like something more modern and minimalistic. The options are virtually endless.

Layered Steps

If there is no room to expand your outside space, how about working upwards? Layered stepping stones, for example, can add interest in your garden as well as create a pleasant place to sit and relax

Climbing Plants

If floor space is short, think about using climbing plants. The likes of Clematis or Wisteria can brighten up a space and hide walls or fences, as can evergreen plants, which will add year-round vibrancy to your garden.

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