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Looking After Your Biggest Home: How to Make Your House Eco-Friendly

Over the past few years, our consciousness of the environmental impact of our lives has continued to grow. From shopping locally where we can to making changes to how we travel, there are lots of things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and live greener lives. Now that many of us are spending most of our time at home, now is the perfect time to consider how to bring these changes home. To get started, here are our tips for making your property more eco-friendly.

Heating an Environmentally Friendly House

While none of us want to feel the cold, you can make a big difference at home in how you choose to heat your property.  Firstly, grab a blanket before turning up the thermostat! Avoiding unnecessarily turning up the heating will reduce your energy bill and your emissions, so wrap up warm if you’re feeling the cold. If your property often feels chilly, consider how well insulated your home is; a draught excluder is a cheap way to keep out the cold, or you can look into loft or basement insulation.

Technology for Eco-Friendly Homes

With summer on the horizon, now is also the right time to think about technological investments you can add to your home before next winter. Smart meters, for example, are becoming increasingly popular as a means of tracking your energy usage and bills, which may prove handy as our domestic electricity usage rises under lockdown

Smart meters also lower emissions associated with performing basic utility services, such as meter readings, which are performed remotely instead. Why not take some time to research how a smart meter could work in your home? If you own your property and are willing to invest, you may also be interested in finding quotes for solar panels, which will produce renewable energy and enable your household to use less from the grid.  

Recycling at Home

There are also smaller steps you can take to have a greener home. Being energy efficient doesn’t just relate to our power consumption – waste can and should be avoided in all areas at home. This is easily seen in the kitchen, where food waste and plastic packaging can start to pile up, particularly when we’re spending more time indoors and consuming more at home. 

Composting is a great project to start in your garden right now. Instead of binning food scraps, composting adds nutrients back to the soil in your garden through waste, with the variety of waste you can use depending on the system you use. 

Finding new ways to reuse materials is also a way of getting creative while at home. Before getting rid, consider if you can up-cycle or use the item in a different way and avoid buying new where possible. Be innovative with your old furniture, for example, to make something new, or recycle old towels into cloths for washing up. Everything you reuse is something that won’t go to landfill, so think outside the box.

Are you making changes at home to be more eco-friendly? Living greener lives is easier said than done, but whatever changes you’re making, every little counts and helps contribute to a more environmentally friendly way of living. 

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