Is January a good time to sell your home?

12 Dec 2018

If you’ve been on the property ladder a while you may be fortunate enough to remember the good old days when house photos were glued onto bits of paper and new properties went into the ESPC first thing on a Monday morning. The paper went out on a Wednesday at which point prospective buyers would eagerly grab a copy and hope to find their next home. In those days, it was said that the optimum time to sell your home was Easter and Autumn and so many people would hold their sale back until then in order to secure the best deal possible.

In the 24/7 digital world we now live in, things happen at a much faster rate and people expect everything to happen right away. Properties can ‘go live’ with the click of a button and buyers can refresh their web browser throughout the day to find new properties have been added to the various portals where they browse. Even home report downloads and viewing requests can come in mere moments after a listing has gone live. This fast-paced change has flowed through the entire process to the point where sellers are comfortable listing their property throughout the year, less pressured to wait for a traditional selling season and confident they will find waiting buyers.

Currently, we see the market being driven by purchases. This means that the majority of homes are sold because the owner has had an offer accepted on their next property. If you are looking to move home, don’t feel that you need to wait until Easter to sell yours, keep looking and if you see something you would like to make an offer on, go for it. We can get your property listed and sold ASAP and will advise you throughout both the purchase and sale to get you the best deal.

The market will be quiet over the next couple weeks as people enjoy some festive down time, but we will be gearing up for the new year. Why not use this time to check out listings and see if there is anything on the market that fits your needs? Historically, the market has started off in January very strong so now is a good time to information gather! Find out how much your property is worth, get one of our valuers out to give you some advice, speak to a mortgage advisor and find out how much you want to spend on your new home.

So, is January a good time to sell? Absolutely! And the quiet month of December is a great time to get a free appraisal done and start to prepare. Give us a call to get the ball rolling.

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