International Women’s Day 2019


The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is #BalanceForBetter, in recognition of the global push for professional and social equality. Balance doesn’t just benefit women it also benefits the business and IWD 2019 is about encouraging the reduction of damaging disparities in wealth, in boardrooms and in the media across the world. Addressing the current imbalance is vital for every business and at Coulters we are delighted to have worked towards achieving this balance across the company.

The property and legal sector are well established in Scotland and we wanted to find out directly from some of the team at Coulters how the industry has changed as a workplace for women throughout their careers.

“I would like to be able to say it has improved, but I am not sure it has. In days gone by, as a woman, you were certainly in a minority, which is not the case now but with a certain amount of juggling you could manage a career in law and raise a family (even if it meant getting up very early while the children were still asleep, going into the office and rushing home to do breakfast and the school run). I think it could be harder now.. when my children were small, nurseries had hardly been invented and you had to rely on nannies or family – I did not have any family who could help so had to have a nanny, expensive (and that was before the days of pension contributions etc)– but it did mean you could leave tiny tots at home in their pyjamas if required and were not rushing to collect in the evening when you still had masses to do at work. Also when you left the office, you left the office – you were not being bombarded with emails at all times of day and night..”
– Louise

“I’ve not worked in the sector for long enough to have noticed any significant change but at Coulters specifically there are now considerably more women role models in senior positions across a number of teams.”
– Victoria

“There is more flexibility in working hours but there is still a gender pay gap and a lack of representation at the top levels of the profession. Progress has been made but there is still more to be done.”
– Joanne

In 2019 there is still a great deal of work to be done to ensure balance and equality in the business world from the ground floor to the boardroom. We are incredibly proud to support International Women’s Day and the #BalanceForBetter movement.



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