Initial Designs When Altering Your Edinburgh Home

Initial Designs When Altering Your Edinburgh Home

At Coulters, we are always on hand to help you find your dream home. We are also here to help you unlock the potential of all kinds of Edinburgh properties. Creating your perfect dwelling may best be achieved by altering an existing property – if this is the case, here are some things you should consider.

First and foremost, you will need to ensure that the site you have is large enough to accommodate any extension and changes you have in mind. You will need to also consider the impact that your extension will have on the existing dwelling and whether harmony in terms of appearance and scale will be achieved.

Think about whether doors and windows will match those which are already in place and whether you will be changing the roof pitch or planning to fill the entire roof space with a dormer.

The junction between new and old will need to be carefully considered, as will the impact your project will have on the surrounding area and what effect it may have on your neighbours. Are your proposals likely to significantly reduce the light to their property or overpower their garden? Will your extension be unsightly from their home or intrude on their privacy? The answer to all of these questions should influence the planning application you submit.

You will normally also need to ensure that you are left with enough outside space after an extension is built. This is normally considered to be a minimum of 30 square metres and, overall, the scale and density should keep with your area’s spatial pattern.

Remember that any extension you are allowed to build will have to leave your neighbours with the possibility of creating their own extension of a similar scale.

Extensions or Alterations to Villas

Villas are subject to special guidelines when it comes to making changes or building extensions, and if your project does not meet with policy requirements or if the site is not large enough, then you may not be granted permission.

Key requirements when altering villas include:

  • Not altering the original villa’s character
  • Not changing the street’s rhythm or the spacing and scale seen in the surrounding area
  • Using materials and design relating to the original villa.
  • Not exceeding 1.5 times the size of the original dwelling when the project is complete

Pre-application advice should be sought if your villa is listed, if it is a corner site or if there are any protected trees within the boundaries.

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