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How we exceed expectations

12 Oct 2018

Amanda Kerley on why the client experience is so important to Coulters

“No matter what business sector you operate in, the client experience is everything”. In my new role as Coulters’ Client Experience Manager, I’m focused on creating a positive experience for our estate agents customers and staff from the first call right through to the house selling and buying process.

I joined Coulters Estate Agents Edinburgh around 18 months ago. This was a new industry for me as I’d come from luxury brands in the retail and hospitality sector latterly working with Harvey Nichols but I was ready for a change. My career has been spent primarily in fashion retail and service orientated roles working with luxury brands with a focus on enhancing the client experience.

Ensuring every client feels valued

Client service isn’t complicated but it needs attention, it’s a matter of consistency and attention to detail to ensure that each and every client feels valued. There are similarities between the property and retail worlds.

I genuinely believe that a positive client experience is central to the success of any business. In luxury brands and retail, it’s the norm. We were doing it really well at Coulters but want to make sure we’re doing it brilliantly and that we’re customer driven, so this new position was created to keep our focus on exceeding expectations.

We started with a review of the office layout to make sure that we were presenting a warmer and more welcoming environment. We’ve introduced background music, enhanced the offices with bespoke wall coverings and moved desks into the front office so that there is more activity and ambience on arrival. Small things really can have a huge impact.

The biggest positive change we’ve made is to broaden our services and simplify the whole process, we have invested in new technology which allows us to focus more on our clients by automating some of the time-consuming back office aspects. We have also improved our communication channels and can manage client liaison on their terms whether its web chat functions, email, phone or otherwise.

We aim to make your property sale smooth and enjoyable

Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful things you can go through but we’re challenging that belief. We ensure your house sale is as smooth and enjoyable a process as possible. We have de-cluttered the whole process from the marketing of your property to organising pre-marketing trades work, setting up mortgage appointments and legalities as well as liaising with utilities, managing removal quotations and such like.

Say you’re a working parent, you have pets, are time poor, juggling work and life, the house is packed full of toys, the dog needs walked… we can help with this too! Everything is taken care of under one roof with one of our team working with you from start to finish to ensure that the process is seamless.

There’s more flexibility with property valuations at Coulters, no-one wants to take a day off work for a valuation so we provide an out of hours service with breakfast valuations, late evening and weekends on offer.

It can be hard and extremely stressful to find reliable tradesmen, removals and third-party contractors so we are affiliated with trusted partners to give you the confidence that the job will be done to the same standards we guarantee. We don’t charge a mark up and we ensure that you are getting the best value and service without paying a premium.

I genuinely love my job and I’m passionate about service, I believe that if you make the client’s experience as positive, reliable and adaptable as possible and if you ensure your staff are engaged, positive and feel supported then you’re on the road to getting it right.

Our clients tell us we exceed expectations, let us show you what we can do!

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