How to make light of moving house

You’ve sold your house and you’ve bought a new one, excellent! Don’t let excitement turn to stress. Selecting a removals company to efficiently and calmly lift the load and get you on the way is a crucial step in the moving process which is why at Coulters, we work closely with removals companies like Kerr’s to assist our clients every step of the way.

We asked Kerr’s to share some insight on how our clients can make light of moving house and ensure everything goes to plan.

How do home buyers typically go about choosing a mover?

There are many ways to choose a Removal Company, the traditional method of recommendations from family and friends is one, however online reviews and social media groups are increasingly becoming a great source. It is worth also making sure that you pick a company recognised by the British Association of Removers who ensure all members are approved and follow a Code of Practice and offer assurances to customers that they have the credentials and resources required for a successful move.

Is there a best (or worst) day of the week to make a move?

Fridays are the most popular day for completing transactions, particularly the last Friday of the month, so booking in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment. However, if there is any flexibility on your date, a midweek move will usually be cheaper.

Is there anything that our clients can do to get organised quickly and make the process easier?

Start with a simple call to the mover to answer any questions you may have or to discuss any aspect of the process you are not sure about. Even if you don’t have a confirmed moving date a home visit can be arranged in advance. An experienced surveyor will visit at a convenient time, to calculate the volume and inform you of the optional services available, tailoring the move to your requirements.

Following the survey, the Removal Company will provide a detailed quotation and move plan with a clear breakdown of all costs, packing arrangements and any optional services that may have been requested for example, dismantling/reassembly of beds etc. You might want to obtain three quotations for comparison purposes to enable you to decide on the best service for you.

When it comes to packing up, what are your top tips?

Packing can be time-consuming, starting early with the non- essentials is recommended. We would advise labelling boxes with a brief description of contents will allow the removal crew to find the correct room at your new home. Removal companies will deliver good quality boxes and all the necessary packing materials required, well in advance of moving day. Always use enough protection when packing fragile or delicate items and make sure when packing books or heavy items not to pack the boxes too heavy, the Removal Crew will appreciate the consideration.

Moving house is a great opportunity for decluttering and donating clothes and other items you no longer use to charity. If you can do this early, not only will you have less stuff to move, but you will also declutter for viewings and marketing photographs.

Most Removal Companies also offer a professional packing service. Normally completed prior to the move, an experienced packer will arrive to safely pack everything in your home. This convenient service is designed to save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your move.

What are the steps clients need to take in advance of the move to make sure everything goes according to plan?

To avoid any disruption, notify neighbours in advance of moving day. Most removal companies can arrange city centre parking with the relevant authorities. Make sure that there will be someone to take care of your children and that any pets are safely out of the way.

To ensure the house is vacant for the midday deadline, it’s recommended that moves to storage or large moves are loaded either partly or in full the day prior. This service should also be considered just for the comfort it provides by relieving unnecessary pressure and allowing extra time for clear up.
Alternatively, you may require the removal company to hold your belongings securely for a few days whilst you re-decorate or have new floor coverings fitted.

Late keys or unexpected delays can be disappointing, so we would always encourage you to pack the things you use every day such as toothbrushes, changes of clothes, phone chargers etc. as they will all come in handy in the unlikely event that a delayed entry occurs.

And what about on the big day itself?

On moving day, the removal crew will get safely parked, your clothes placed into wardrobe boxes, fittings securely attached to dismantled furniture and themselves energised with tea and biscuits. The team leader will ask that all rooms are double checked and completely clear before moving on.

The vast majority of house moves are completed without a hitch when using an experienced professional removal company.

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