Borders Distillery

Getting into the spirit of the borders…

Coulters has teamed up with The Borders Distillery in Hawick to offer our EGG partners a great offer – every EGG member who puts their house on the market with us will receive a bottle of the Distillery’s delicious Kerr’s Gin on completion as well as a superb £200 dining experience and wine cellar tour at the acclaimed Castle Terrace Restaurant.

EGG’s founder Kylie Reid recently visited Castle Terrace to sample the experience (all in the interests of good service of course!) and to help everyone get into the spirit of the full EGG package, Kylie and her colleague joined Ben and the team for a very special visit to Hawick this month.

The Borders Distillery is the first Scotch Whisky distillery in the Scottish Borders since 1837, it was commissioned in March 2018 and is dedicated to making great whisky and spirits.

We met up with John Fordyce, co-founder of The Borders Distillery who gave us a very special insight to the workings of a commercial Distillery and delivered an interesting tour of the whisky, gin and vodka production process from the mashing, fermenting and distillation halls to the Spirit Safe and casks where Borders Single Malt is matured.

The flavour process for gin is fascinating with popular botanicals and fresh ingredients such as juniper, lemon and orange peel and spices, seeds, roots, liquorice, almonds and so much more used to add flavour.

All of these ingredients are placed in a copper steamer to allow the heat and steam to pass through the flavourings with the varied combinations and concentrations delivering beautiful taste variations.

No trip to the Distillery would be complete without a tasting of these great products and we were treated to a sampling tour of the different whisky, gin and vodka brands.

It really was a wonderful experience and we’d thoroughly recommend a visit to the Distillery. There are a variety of different tours that can be booked in advance, visit the website for more info.

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