Five Reasons Why Edinburgh Is a Property Investment Hotspot

Recent figures reveal that Edinburgh Is a Property Investment Hotspot and that prices are going up faster than any other of Britain’s top 20 largest cities.

The latest Hometrack figures show that average house prices have gone up by almost seven per cent (6.7 per cent) over the previous 12 months in the city – a stunning performance for people looking to make their Edinburgh property investments work for them.

This compares to an average rise of just 2.3 per cent in the English capital, which has also seen falls in house prices in some areas. In fact, the period between August and September this year saw London property prices fall by an average of £18,000.

This is just part of the story, as the following five reasons why Edinburgh is so popular with domestic buyers and homeowners alike will demonstrate.

Great Financial Rewards

In Edinburgh, prices are going up by more than £5,000 every month in areas such as East Craigs, South Gyle, Clermiston and Corstorphine. This gives an indication of why Edinburgh is such a great prospect for property investors,

Fast Sales

The latest research suggests that an average property in Edinburgh takes just 16 days to sell, and almost 80 per cent (77.8 per cent) attract a price that it is above their valuation.

Property Shortage

A shortage of properties means that there are often multiple buyers interested in the same property. This puts you in a great position if you are trying to sell your home or investment property, especially given that there can be as many as ten different buyers – or more – wanting to make at offer when closing dates comes around.

Better Offers

The competition for properties means that buyers can offer more than ten .per cent of the original valuation in order to secure a purchase. This can be a great financial incentive for investors and homeowners alike.

City-Wide Appeal

Edinburgh has enduring appeal due to its unique character, bustling city centre, fascinating history, excellent business links, seaside views and amenities and peaceful countryside. There are very few places in the world that can offer so much within a relatively small location.

If you are a property investor looking for your next opportunity, the Coulters team is on hand to offer unrivalled knowledge and assistance in order to help you to tap into all the potential that the city of Edinburgh has to offer. Call Coulters on  0131 603 7333.

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