Edinburgh Offers Opportunities for Downsizers

If your children have all left to study at university or have simply moved into homes of their own with families of their own, it can make your property feel a little empty. This can prompt thoughts of downsizing, and whilst this can evoke a wide range of emotions, it can also open up a whole realm of opportunities.

Leaving behind excess space and choosing a more compact Edinburgh property can reduce that empty-nest feeling whilst unlocking a wide range of different benefits.


Reducing the size of your Edinburgh home can mean less maintenance with fewer rooms that need cleaning and, potentially, less outside space to take care of. You may also benefit from smaller household bills, leaving you with more time and money to enjoy the lighter side of life, such as spending time with family and friends or pursuing a new or existing hobby.


Downsizing can offer an excellent incentive to de-clutter and get rid of the items you really do not need but have managed to gather over the years. You should aim to only keep things that are genuinely useful or which you absolutely love.

If you need to get rid of large numbers of items, consider getting quotes from house clearance companies or auction houses, selling things yourself on internet auction sites or giving things away to friends, family or charities. You could even think about selling items at a car boot or garage sale.

Financial Incentives

Downsizing can open up all sorts of opportunities when it comes to improving your quality of life. You may always have wanted to enjoy city centre living, for example, or perhaps you want to improve the specifications of your interior design. Swapping space for higher quality can make going smaller far from a negative prospect.

New Environment and Era

Empty-nest syndrome is often talked about in a very negative light, but you might find that it can have some extremely positive results in the end. Not having to think about children or other family members’ needs can be liberating in that you can pursue your own ambitions when it comes to choosing your next Edinburgh home.

You may not have to adhere to constraints surrounding space or schools, for example, leaving you free to pursue a whole new section of Coulters’ listings in search of the perfect home just for you. Call Coulters today, 0131 603 7333.