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Edinburgh Neighbourhood Spotlight: Morningside

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For centuries prior, traders and travelers moved in and out of Edinburgh along an ancient south west route that today runs through the heart of the very contemporary neighbourhood of Morningside. The difference today is most people don’t want to travel through; they want to stay. Such are the many endearing traits of Morningside.

Edinburgh Neighbourhood Spotlight: Morningside Property

Morningside is one Edinburgh neighbourhood that has it all: charming residential streets, respected schools, great cafés and restaurants, green space, and that distinctive village character that brings it all together.

Adding to the allure is convenient access to the whole of the city; it’s just a half hour’s walk to Princes Street and Morningside Road is served by a number of Lothian buses that transport in and around Edinburgh.

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But for those who stay in Morningside, it seems there are very few reasons to leave. Two major supermarkets – Waitrose and Marks & Spencer – are situated along Morningside Road, the main avenue which is also home to a host of eclectic and popular eateries, such as La Favorita, Caffe e Cucina, Henri’s French Food and Wines, The Zulu Lounge, Waiting Room, Bia Bistro, Nonna’s Kitchen, Papilio, Morningside Spice.

Drawn by the vibrant village atmosphere and the classic Victorian and Georgian architecture, residents of Morningside have one of the region’s finest urban walking areas. In close proximity to these city streets are expansive green spaces like the Meadows, Bruntsfield Links, Blackford Hill Nature Reserve, and Braidburn Valley Park. Families in particular appreciate the proximity to well-reviewed primary schools like South Morningside Saint Peter’s R.C.

Morningside is also a place of famous landmarks. The Dominion theatre, a stylish art-deco icon, is one of the finest cinema experiences in all of Scotland, and the Canny Mans, a famous pub that doubles as a one-of-its-kind museum of odd paraphernalia, has been a noteworthy and quirky destination since the Victorian era. And then there’s the Morningside Clock, a prominent former rail station building that marks entry to this coveted and lively neighbourhood.

Perhaps for a combination of all these reasons, the Morningside area has been called home by some of Scotland’s great modern writers, such as Alexander McCall Smith, Ian Rankin, and J.K. Rowling. It must be that authentic village ambiance – close to Edinburgh’s heart but with a personality all its own.

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Photo credit: Morningside Clock – G Laird

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