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Edinburgh Neighbourhood Spotlight: Cramond

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Cramond is situated in the north-west corner of the city, on the south shore of the Firth of Forth, at the mouth of the River Almond. The location is one of Scotland’s earliest known settlements and a site of interest for archeologists who have performed many excavations over the years.

Edinburgh Neighbourhood Spotlight: Cramond Property

There is a Roman fort and a medieval tower house, a 17th century iron mill, and even World War II gun battlements over on Cramond Island. It’s fascinating to trace the history of the settlement, but for us, its present and its future are most appealing.

Since the late 19th century, Cramond has been one of the most popular residential areas of Edinburgh, and it’s easy to see why: an idyllic village atmosphere, a picturesque beach and shoreline, a charming harbour, and a true mix of contemporary and sometimes ancient architecture that underpins the evolution of this once industrial village.

Properties in Cramond are generally flats or detached houses, and the grand mansion houses that line Gamekeepers Road are typical of the more expensive hidden gems.

In recent years, housing in the area has evolved even further with a new property development on the site of the old sports college and playing fields, sold to developers by The University of Edinburgh in 2001. With a small number of shops, a post office and supermarkets at nearby Barnton and Davidson Mains, the area is well served. The Cramond Inn and The Cramond Brig are popular eating and drinking establishments with the locals and visitors alike.

Drawn by the peaceful village atmosphere, and proximity to the sea, residents of Cramond have their pick of outdoor space. The beach promenade and the harbour are very popular, as are the woodland walks along the River Almond. There is a boat club and an angling club for those drawn to water, and a good selection of nearby golf courses, including The Royal Burgess, one of Edinburgh’s oldest and most respected. The schools in the area are very well regarded – Cramond Primary School has an excellent reputation, as does The Royal High secondary school just up the road. There is also a private prep school called Cargilfield in Cramond itself, and for younger children there is Bright Horizons Nursery.

With so much to offer, it is easy to see why Cramond is mentioned with other popular neighbourhoods as one of the most sought after postcodes in Edinburgh, with house prices well above the city’s average value. If not for the rich heritage of the area, then perhaps the bright future, Cramond will continue to be an attractive place to live, and treasured by those who are lucky enough to reside there.

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Image: Cramond Inn to Peter Robertson

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