Selling your home in 2019? Here are the top 10 questions sellers ask us!

If you’re selling your home in 2019, the Edinburgh Property experts at Coulters are here to help. Here are the top 10 questions sellers ask us!

1. What is the first step?

Once you have decided that it is time for a move, the first step should be getting an opinion on what your property is now worth. This will allow you to begin looking for your next home, as you will know your budget. Contact an Estate Agent and book in an appraisal of your property which will get you a valuation. At Coulters we do this for free and there is no obligation, you can get more details on appraisals here.

2. How do I prepare my home for a sale?

When we visit your property we will let you know if we see any repairs which should be attended to prior to marketing. In general, we usually recommend a clean and de-clutter as it’s essential to present the property looking its best. Remove excessive personal items and consider putting large items into storage, doing so will improve the look and feel of any room. Small touches make a big difference, replace worn rugs, put out fresh towels and some attractive soaps in the bathroom and add some throws or cushions to tired soft furnishings.

3. How much will it cost to sell?

We will provide you with a detailed and transparent fee proposal so you know what the costs will be, including the cost of a home report, brochure and legals. We can help you organise all elements of a sale including removals to get you into your next place, through our trusted partners.

4. Do I need a Home Report?

If you are advertising your property for sale in Scotland then it is a requirement to have a home report. We will organise this for you and it will be included in our detailed proposal.

5. Do I need a Solicitor?

To achieve the best price possible, yes! The property market can move very quickly and it is essential you get the right advice and guidance on when to accept an offer. As well as expert advice and guidance, Solicitor Estate Agents are able to list on portals like the ESPC which are prominent among Edinburgh property purchasers and increase the visibility of your property.

6. Should I change my study back to a bedroom?

Remember you are not just selling a house, you are selling a lifestyle. Consider who might be interested in purchasing your property and what their needs might be. If it is likely to be a family then it might help them envisage themselves in the homes if they see a bedroom rather than a study. You might also think about reinstalling the dining room if you are currently using it as a study or children’s playroom. We will, of course, offer guidance on this aspect during an appraisal.

7. How long does it take to get a property on the market?

We can get your property onto the market in just 3 days from when you say go. We will instruct the surveyor and photographer to attend and will put together a draft of the sales brochure for your approval.

8. How long will it take to sell?

Our average selling time for December 2018 is 23 days which is faster than the ESPC average but of course, this can and does vary depending on the market conditions which we will advise you about.

9. Do I need to tell my mortgage provider I am selling?

We will request your title deeds so that we are ready for when an offer is received and at this time we will advise your lender of your intention to sell. You should continue to make mortgage payments.

10. Can I buy and sell on the same day?

Yes, the Legal team at Coulters have a huge amount of experience buying and selling properties for clients, be it on the same day or with a gap. Rest assured this is not as daunting as it seems!


Still, have questions? We are sure you will! Get in touch with us to arrange an appraisal and we will start the processes by answering any questions you have.

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