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Where in the UK is the best place to bring up your pooch?

The UK is a nation of dog lovers, from the Labrador Retriever, the nation’s favourite, to the Welsh Sheepdog, people have found that during the lockdown, owning a dog has been amazing for their physical and mental health.

Looking at a range of factors, from the number of pet-friendly properties to rent to the number of parks and walking routes in the local area, we’ve looked at 50 towns and cities in the UK to work out where is the best place to make a home with man’s best friend.

Historic cities are the perfect place to bring up your pup

If your dog loves long walks and frequent new adventures, Southampton should be the place you call home. Taking the top spot on our list, the port city on the south coast has an amazing 39.3 walking routes per 100,000 people (that’s 106 in total) for you and your furry friend to explore during sunny summer days. Southampton is the best place to bring up your furry friend as the city scored highest with a total Pet-Friendly score of 65.72/100.

Alternatively, if you prefer to eat out with your hound, you should look to settle down in Brighton and Hove. Coming in second on our list, this southern coastal city has 28.2 dog-friendly places to eat out per 100,000 people. That’s a whopping 69 restaurants and cafes in the city! The renting market here is also very accommodating for pet lovers, as 20.9 properties per 100,000 people were available to rent in the area when we were carrying out our research.

If moving your life to the south of the UK isn’t possible for you and your four-legged friends, the City of York takes the third spot on our list for one of the best places to bring up your pooch. From York Minster to the National Railway Museum, York has plenty for you to explore but after a long day, you can easily pamper your dog with your choice of the 61 groomers available in the city (that’s 28.7 groomers per 100,000 people!)

The UK’s pet-friendly locations ranked

Whatever you and your dog like to get up to, make sure you’re living in the perfect place to look after them properly. Check out our full list to see if your town or city is the best place for your four-legged friend!


We analysed 50 of the most populated towns and cities in the UK and gave each a normalised score out of 100 on the following five factors. We then took an average of these five scores for each place to determine its overall score out of 100.

Pet-Friendly Properties To Rent

The number of pet-friendly properties (any bedroom, any price and all property type) per 100,000 people in each area only according to Zoopla as of 22nd January 2021. The ‘Pets Allowed’ filter was applied on Zoopla to ensure the properties shown would allow pets to live at the property. The number of properties available to rent is subject to change. (view source)

Dog-Friendly Places To Eat

The number of ‘dog-friendly restaurants’ per 100,000 people in the local area, according to TripAdvisor as of 22nd January 2021. The filters for ‘cafes’ and ‘pubs’ were also included in the search. (view source)

Nature Parks

The number of ‘parks’ per 100,000 people in the local area, according to the Nature and Parks section of TripAdvisor as of 22nd January 2021. (view source)

Dog And Cat Groomers

The number of ‘dog and cat groomers’ per 100,000 people in the local area only according to Yell (as of 22nd January 2021). (view source)

Walking Routes

The number of dog-friendly walking routes in a 15-mile radius of each location according to Walkiees. (view source)

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