This is how we secure you the best deal

15 Nov 2018

You’ve been looking for a while, thinking about a move and you’ve been to a few viewings. All of a sudden, you’ve found it; the one, your dream house. But what’s next?

If you love it, it is highly likely that others will too. This means that you will have to act fast to get the best advice to secure the best possible deal. That is not simply throwing as much money as you can at it, indeed a good deal will save you a considerable amount of money that you needn’t spend. So how do we prepare the best offer to get you that dream home?

We act fast

When you’ve found your ideal home, you want to move quickly to secure it. We understand that, which is why when you pick up the phone first thing on Monday morning – we answer. No call centres or menus here. The person you get through to will most likely be the person to see you all the way through to being able to say the offer for your dream home has been accepted!

We know what to ask

When it comes to negotiating, our years of experience give us the confidence to guide you as to what to offer, based on many different factors including who the seller agent is and how long it has been on the market. We also have access to information whereby we can see what they paid for it. Is what they are asking for now reasonable? We will also guide you on whether you might need a damp report or a roof report. This is all absolutely crucial so we can negotiate the best deal for you.

We are a safe pair of hands

We will guide you through the entire process in a straight-talking, jargon-free way. We have a hugely experienced and capable team which you can rely on to give you the highest quality advice. We have also built up fantastic relationships with external partners so that when it comes to mortgage advice or even removals services, we can point you in the right direction and make sure you are well looked after.

We understand your position

We will guide you right through the process from start to finish, but we won’t push you. Giving you all of the facts and as much information as you need to be comfortable, we will step back and allow you to make the final decision on what you are prepared to offer.

We know who we are up against

Our property negotiators have decades of experience and know most of the other agents and firms in the market. We know the person at the other end of the phone, their level of experience and how to approach them.


Coulters are known for selling houses, but it’s not all we do. Our team of negotiators and conveyancers are on hand to help you through your home purchases as well.

Give us a call or drop us an email either before or after you have seen a house you would like to make an offer and we will get you the best deal possible.

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