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Here’s our guide to the biggest celebrity hotspots in the UK and US. Find out where your favourite celebs are living, and how much their high-end houses are worth!

We’ve gathered data on more than 200 celebrity homes in the UK and USA to identify the most popular celebrity cities. We’ve also compared this data with the average house price for each area, highlighting the eye-watering sums that celebs are prepared to pay for their dream home.

The US & UK cities that are home to the most celebrities

Having tallied the results, our top 3 most popular celebrity cities are all highly desirable locations synonymous with wealth, fame and aspiration.

London – 48 celebrity homes

The UK’s largest city and capital, London is by far the most popular city in the UK amongst celebrities. Both the cultural heart and business centre of the country, London is a city that attracts people from all walks of life. Whatever you’re interested in, be it fashion, music, theatre or the countless museums and galleries on offer, there’s always something happening in London.

A vibrant and bustling city with bags of attitude, London is also home to some of the UK’s biggest names and most exclusive addresses. Here you’ll find the likes of Rihanna, the Beckhams and Ed Sheeran, all with stunning homes worth well over £30 million. They are joined by numerous other international superstars, including Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Elton John, all of whom call London their home.

Los Angeles – 39 celebrity homes

It should come as no surprise that the glitzy home of Hollywood is one of the most sought-after cities in the world for celebrities and those with a taste for the glamourous. Los Angeles was the runaway winner in the USA with more than twice the number of celebrities than any other city. With a huge number of movie stars and acting legends like Matt Damon, Julie Andrews and Christian Bale calling this city home, L.A.’s relationship with the silver screen has cemented its celebrity status.

Of course, living in such a desirable place can cost some serious money, and Los Angeles is no stranger to big spenders. Sylvester Stallone has by far the most expensive Los Angeles home on our list, recently put on sale for $110 million! Other celebs with some of the most pricey pads include Will Smith at $42 million, and Dr Dre at $40 million. 

New York City – 15 celebrity homes

Coming in at 3rd place and dominating the east coast of the USA, the Big Apple is as popular as ever. New York City, home to the Statue of Liberty, was once the gateway to America and is synonymous with aspiration and the American Dream. Brimming with landmarks from the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park and the Guggenheim, this iconic city is a celebrity in its own right.

With such a stand-out reputation, it’s no wonder that New York City attracts so many of our favourite A-listers. Celebrities from around the world have chosen to make this city their home, including British acting greats such as Daniel Radcliffe and Emily Blunt. However, the celebrity with the most expensive home in the city is Madonna, whose property is worth over $42 million! At second place in our list, Hugh Jackman’s New York home is worth an impressive $21 million, and Taylor Swift’s most expensive property in the city (she has three!) cost her a tidy $20 million.

How do celebrity homes compare to average house prices?

We all love gazing at the luxury homes of the rich and famous, but how much would it cost to live near our favourite celebs?

Celebrity house prices in the US

We found that Long Island has the biggest difference between the average price of a celebrity house versus a regular house, with celebs spending over 100 times more than the average property value. Here, the average celebrity house cost $55 million, while the average regular price was just under $520 thousand, a difference of 10,544%. Our two most popular celebrity cities in the USA, New York and Las Vegas, had a much lower price difference of 1,825% and 1,277% respectively. In fact, our top two came in 11th and 13th place when ranked according to price differences, being beaten by the likes of Miami (4,076%), Atlanta (2,311%) and Las Vegas (1,915%).

Celebrity house prices in the UK

Knutsford tops the UK list for the biggest gap in house prices, with a difference of 3,972%. Here, the average house price is £492,662, while our celebrities paid £20 million! London came 15th on the list with a difference of 935%, with average prices of £793,734 and celebrity prices of just over £8.2 million. The price difference in the Capital was lower than in Manchester (1,529%) and Cardiff (1,278%), but higher than Scottish cities Glasgow (566%) and Edinburgh (459%). This reveals that Scotland’s celebrity homes are some of the most affordable in the country!


We looked at the homes of over 200 celebrities based in the US and UK to find out where they live and how much their house is estimated to be worth, using a variety of news articles as sources (which you can view here).

To find the difference between celebrity house prices and regular prices, we calculated the average price of the celebrities’ houses for each city and compared it to the average house price in each city, using Zillow for the US and Rightmove for the UK.

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