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Avoiding a halfway house: How to find the right location for you

As a property professional in Edinburgh, the question I am most commonly asked is, “What location do you think is best?” What an impossible question! Choosing a location is very individual to the person buying and there are many factors to consider before making this life-changing decision. Are you looking for a family home? Are you looking for an emotionally detached investment? Do you want to be near your friends? The list goes on…

I live in Bruntsfield and I love it for various reasons. It’s close to the majority of my favourite restaurants, to work and to many of my friends and family. Bruntsfield may not be everyone’s cup of tea but that’s absolutely fine. I wouldn’t be offended if you don’t like the area, I promise, but it’s perfect for me and what I want out of my life in Edinburgh. And that is the key thing here – one size doesn’t fit all.

To help you with your move, I’ve pulled together a few key points for deciding where best suits you. 

First of all – and probably the most obvious point – is affordability. You should make sure that you are living comfortably within your means. I often find that ticking all the boxes when buying a property is a difficult and unrealistic task and it’s frequently about compromise – it’s rare that you will find a property that offers exactly what you are looking for in your dream location. My friend once asked me, “Would you rather live in the best house on the worst street or the worst house on the best street?” To this day I’m still undecided, but I soon realised that, given the choice, I would rather have a happy medium of both.

It goes without saying that if you have children then finding a home within the catchment area of your preferred school is important. Edinburgh prides itself on its education system and the location of your home could very well determine the kind of education your children receive. Do your research and take advantage of what the education system has to offer. 

If you’re like me and enjoy nipping along the road to see your family and friends, that can also play a part. I often say that you shouldn’t make your decision based on others, however I personally love the fact that I can walk up the road to see my nearest and dearest.

I am lucky enough to be able to walk to my work. While being that close won’t always be an option, where possible, pick a location which won’t involve a long commute. We aren’t living in London and there is no need to be travelling for hours every day. I believe that work-life balance is very important to our mental health and commuting for hours a week isn’t going to help. 

In order to successfully decide on the right location for you, I would recommend taking a step back from the stress of the decision and looking at the bigger picture. This is one of the biggest moves of your life, so you NEED to make sure it’s the right one. You may be living there for the rest of your life so please make sure you are happy. And of course, don’t forget you can always ask us for advice too. Take everything into consideration and happy hunting.

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